Photo Gallery VII

Hat Point, Hell's Canyon - Oregon/Idaho

The deepest canyon in the world at over 7,000 feet. The Snake River flows through the canyon, defining the border between Northeastern Oregon and Idaho.

    Ripples in the Sand

    Windblown sand at sunset. Miniature sand dunes an inch wide and a quarter of an inch deep.


A brightly colored butterfly investigates a clump of pink daiseys.

Wild Rose

Wild roses climbing on the fence at my childhood home near Ashland, OR. A more precise species identification will follow (as soon as I figure it out).

Eagle Cap with Reflection - Eagle Cap Wilderness Area, Oregon

Late afternoon, waiting for the mosquitoes to settle. Eagle Cap sports a dense snow mantle even in late July.

Orobanche Uniflora

The Orobanche is a saprophyte. It doesn't photosynthesize like most plants. It derives its energy from decaying and rotting material rather than the sun.

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All images ©Terry Blackburn - 1997