Terry L. Blackburn
  • Seventeen years of working in a data processing environment on an I.B.M. System/38, AS/400, iSeries.
  • Fifteen years experience with data systems in hospital based health care systems.
  • Two years experience managing 5 or more employees
  • Experience managing large IT projects
  • Extensive development with structured programming and analysis.
  • Expertise in process automation.
  • Five years experience as a commercial software developer.

    Tuality Healthcare, Inc.
    Information and Business Technology
    335 S.E. Eighth Avenue
    Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

    Title:           Planning and Development Manager                      
    Dates:           October, 2000  to present    
    Responsibilities Functions as a resource for all system services under 
                     management of IBT departments.  Guides activities of 
                     Planning and Development team.  Serves as technical advisor 
                     to the organization and CIO for the strategic use of 
                     information technology.  Leads department in planning 
                     and implementation of major projects.  Directs development 
                     team in design and/or delivery of new technology.
    Title:           System Services Manager                      
    Dates:           February, 1999 to October, 2000                                  
    Responsibilities Title change only, responsibilities same as below.
    Title:           System Services Coordinator                      
    Dates:           February, 1999 to October, 2000                                  
    Responsibilities Functions as a resource for all system services under 
                     management of BIT departments.  Guides activities of 
                     Programming and Operations teams.  Serves as technical 
                     advisor to the organization and CIO for the strategic 
                     use of information technology.
    Title:           Senior Programmer Analyst                                  
    Dates:           March, 1989 to February, 1999                                  
    Responsibilities Establish and maintain all application program products.   
                     Analyze and design programs, subsystems or complete        
                     systems.  Write necessary program code, test document and  
                     implement new applications using CASE tools when           
                     possible.  Responsible for analysis and problem            
                     determination to correct program malfunctions. Design,   
                     enhance, or maintain interfaces between systems.  Serve    
                     as technical advisor or trainer for staff and              
                     departmental mangers.
    Independent Software Developer
    DataPacket Report Distribution System
    Dates:           1991 to present                                            
    Responsibilities Develop, maintain and enhance commercial software          
                     application.  The DataPacket Report Distribution System    
                     made its commercial debut first quarter of 1991, marketed  
                     by Pacific City Software.  Since that time, more than 100  
                     copies have been sold in the United States, Canada,        
                     Jamaica, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore and India.  Major     
                     corporations to take advantage of this product include     
                     Shell Oil, Price-Costco, Bank of America, ADT Security     
                     Systems, Nestle Food Services and General Electric.        
                     DataPacket is now marketed by LXI Inc. as Report Distribution     
                     System.  The user interface for this general system utility
                     is engineered in SYNON.   The functional portion is hand 
                     written in efficient and highly structured RPG and CL code.           
    Adventist Health Systems, Inc.
    Boulder Memorial Hospital
    Boulder, Colorado
    Title:           Programmer                                                 
    Dates:           April, 1986 to March, 1989                                 
    Responsibilities Coordinate installation of System/38 computer system,      
                     serve as primary systems contact person during             
                     installation and configuration of hospital information     
                     system.  Maintain and enhance HIS software to meet         
                     business requirements.  Automation of day end procedures   
                     to allow unattended operations was accomplished through a  
                     unique process that required minimal modification of       
                     vendor software.    
    Adventist Health System.
    Eastern and Middle America
    8800 West 75th Street
    Shawnee Mission, KS 66204
    Title:           Programmer                                                 
    Dates:           July, 1985 to April, 1986                                  
    Responsibilities Design and implement data conversion programs for          
                     installation of stand alone HIS software for hospitals in  
                     Washington, DC., central Missouri and Boulder, Colorado.   
                     Travel to hospital sites and function as technical         
                     assistant in both hardware and software configuration      
                     during installation phase.                                 
    Walla Walla College
    Bachelor of Arts - Music Theory, 1981
    Additional class work towards BS in Computer Science in 1983-84 (WWC)
    IBM Technical Conference 1990, 1993, 2000
    Cozzi Technical Conference 1991
    Edify Corporation - Edify U - Electronic Workforce training, 
    Advanced Electronic Workforce training, World Wide Web training - 1996
    Have experience in the following system environments:
    RPG/400, RPG III, REXX,  and Visual Basic languages. AS/400, OS/2, Windows 95, DOS operating systems.
    I also develop applications using the Edify Electronic Workforce, create web based using net.Data and SQL.
    Competent in the use of the AS/400 Utilities and Control programming language.
    Other miscellaneous systems/languages (the skills have died, the concepts linger on...)
    HP3000 (1979-81), VAX 11-750 (1982-83), Sequent (1988-89), 
    C++, Lisp, Forth, Pascal, BASIC, PROLOG, COBOL, SYNON

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