Summer Vacation, 1998
Scandinavian Concert Tour with the
Washington County Chorale
now the Oregon Chorale
To tell the story of the entire trip would take hours and hours and pages and pages.  Instead, I'll just comment briefly on the more successful pictures I took.  Obviously, these are a small sample of the nearly 400 pictures I snapped over the course of the entire 19 day tour.  It's a rare day when weather conditions and subject material work together to produce a really good pictures.  These pictures in no way represent the entire trip.  They are just the more presentable pictures!  All pictures were taken with my Olympus XA pocket 35mm camera using Kodachrome 64 film. Enjoy...
We began our tour in Copenhagen, Denmark.  It's a charming city with many canals  , famous breweries  , amazing church spires  , and art  anyone would recognize  .  The first cathedral concert of the tour was in the city of Växjö.  The unusual twin spires  were visible from all over town.  The falling rain left dark streaks  on the front of the cathedral.  I enjoyed playing the organ  .  In the park next door, I found a statue of my good buddy Carl Linnaeus .  The rocks in an old churchyard wall  sported a variety of mosses and lichens, growing since the wall was erected in 1731.  We attended Midsommer  festivities  on the grounds  of the medieval Kronoberg castle on the shores  of Lake Helgasjön. Here's our bus  , all decorated for the occasion! There were people in native costume  and much dancing  .  Earlier that day we toured the lake aboard Thor  , a coal fired steamboat.  Later, we took a delightful cruise aboard the Kung Sverker  down a portion of the Göta Canal  from Lake Boren  to Lake Vättern through several locks  .  We stopped briefly in Gamla Linkoping .  Stockholm is fascinating with its narrow streets  and distinctive skyline  . The warship Vasa  , sunk in 1628, has been restored to all of its baroque splendor  .  Despite my best efforts, I was not awarded a nobel prize when I visited city hall  .  While in Stockholm, we discovered the people of Sweden use very powerful toothpaste  .  The cathedral  in Uppsala    was most impressive.  The view  from the old castle on the hill was nice.  I don't think the King cared much for the church  .  The old church in Rättvik  did its best to compete with the clouds  .  When we went to Moro (he he he!) we were greeted by another  towering spire.  The ancient wooden stave churches  of Norway are architectural wonders.  This door  was carved by the hand of some Viking over a thousand years ago.  We saw several quiet  , isolated communities  along the Sognafjord.  As we crossed the Norwegian highlands    I'm sure I saw a troll behind that rock.  No trip to Oslo would be complete without a visit to the harbor  , National Gallery  or the world renowned Vigeland  Sculpture  Park  .  On the way home we observed remarkable examples of polar glaciation  over northern Greenland  .

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