Getting The Most Out Of Your Connection

Configuring Your System
Most users these days connect to the Internet directly from their own computer using PPP (Point to Point Protocol). This allows you to get the most out of the connection by running applications such as web browsers and multimedia players locally on your own computer where you have the graphics and sound systems most content requires today. The link here describes how to configure most modern operating systems to connect to the Internet through RainDrop Laboratories using PPP.

Dealing with Spam
An unfortunate fact of modern email life is that you get bombarded with spam --- junk email that for the most part is nothing but scams and viruses. Raindrop is now using Peak Internet's Barracuda spam filter to help stem the tide. They have documentation on using it and managing your settings, however they should not be contacted directly for barracuda issues --- instead, use the support form here and I'll take care of it.

Authoring web pages on Agora
Many people want to have a personal web page to share information with other, about themselves or their interests. This link shows how to do that here.

History of Agora and RainDrop Laboratories
Agora has been owned and operated by Alan Batie in Portland, Oregon since 1985; this link goes into more detail for those interested...

Miscellaneous links
Some miscellaneous documentation about software installed on agora:

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