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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a thousand words use a lot less disk space!


Shocking Stories about my former college roommate.

Net Abuse

adcomplain - a tool for reporting inappropriate commercial e-mail and usenet postings, as well as chain letters and "make money fast" postings.


Editing Software

Scripts for Cool Edit Pro or Adobe Audition

Divide a recording into 20 equal-length tracks

Script for Cool Edit 2000
Script for Cool Edit Pro or Adobe Audition


Wireless Microphones

ALERT! FCC FAQ permits unlcensed use. See answer to the question, "How do I make sure I buy the right kind of wireless microphone?"
Wireless Microphone Licensing FAQ
Apply for FCC license online
FCC Rules (select "Title 47" from drop down list)
FCC Forms


Loudspeakers Primer
List of Low Frequency Loudspeaker Drivers
Loudspeaker Enclosure Specifications

Design & Analysis Software

Perfect Box (DOS/Windows)
Dick Pierce's Spreadsheets (UNIX)
Speaker Design Equations for HP48
Interactive Speaker Designer (Design speakers on the web)

Home Automation

X-10 Suppliers
CP-290 Clock Mod


The Filthy Swine, a band I sometimes play in.


Pirate Radio

KHOG, my former pirate radio station
FCC rules for unlicensed operation


FCC License Data Sources
Portland, OR Public Service Frequencies
General Frequency Guide
General Frequency Guide
General Frequency Guide
General Frequency Guide


Handy Shortwave Chart
Phone Line as SW Antenna
Radio Shack DSP-40 Performance
General Frequency Guide
General Frequency Guide
General Frequency Guide

Table of Frequency Allocations (International & US)

PDF Version (requires Adobe Acrobat reader)
Interactive Version
US Frequency Allocation Chart
Canadian Frequency Allocation Table and Chart
Don't know what region you're in? Here's a map of ITU regions


Laserdiscs are no longer made, but you can still get them:

Chuck Legg's Discount Laserdisc
Big Emma's

The following lists are for historical reference only:

Laserdisc Rentals in Portland, OR area (OBSOLETE)
Laserdisc Sales in Portland, OR area (OBSOLETE)