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Adcomplain is a tool for reporting inappropriate commercial e-mail and usenet postings, as well as chain letters and "make money fast" postings.

It automatically analyzes the message, composes an abuse report, and mails the report to the offender's internet service provider. The report is displayed for your approval prior to mailing. Adcomplain can be invoked from the command line or automatically from many news and mail readers.

Adcomplain runs under Unix, Windows NT/2000, and Windows 95/98/ME.

adcomplain - a tool to complain about commercial e-mail and usenet postings (Requires Perl 4 or 5)
uuencoded version of the above file
zipped version of the above file

CSH VERSION NOT MAINTAINED--you must install the Perl version to get the latest features
csh version of adcomplain (much slower but doesn't require Perl)
uuencoded version of the above file

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