River Rock Nursery

We are a small, family-owned, and operated nursery specializing in unusual lanscape trees & shrubs. We try to keep a diverse stock of plants suitable for bonsai as well. Since we are small, available sizes at any time vary. Our catalog gives an idea of what we usually have in stock. Email Gretchen@riverrocknursery.com for availability and prices of catalog plants. Also email if you don't see a tree or shrub for which you are looking--we have additional plants not in the catalog in small numbers. We mail plants throughout the US. 3-day shipping on 1 gallon size or smaller costs $8-10 via US Postal Priority Mail. We mail larger sizes frequently as well, but this is more expensive. We've begun an availability list but so far only have Vine and Japanese Maple availability completed.

You may telephone at 503-658-4047 but you may not catch us at the phone. Early morning on the west coast is your best chance. Our mailing address is 19251 SE Hwy 224, Clackamas, OR 97201. We are located 20 miles SE of Portland Oregon. Call or better yet email if you wish to visit.

Gretchen & Bob O'Brien


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