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Do people create web pages anymore? Sure there are blogs, Facebook and all the like. But webpages? I started creating websites in, I think, around 1994. Some of that old material yet lingers around here, even after all this time... Ten years? Fifteen, twenty? These are centuries in internet time.

Keeping Time

* Antique watch Repair and Restoration
Watches and pocketwatches serviced and restored, specializing in Elgin, Waltham and other early American makes.
* ElginTime
Vintage watches and pocketwatches
* Follow Elgintime on Instagram!
* Elgin Watches
Elgin watches, pocketwatches and the Elgin National Watch Company
* Collections!
* A virtual Elgin Museum
* Clark's
Clark's Diamond Jewelers,
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Local Matters

* Reader
News of note from all over and over
* Scary
The virtual atomic museum - American Civil Defense meterial of the 1950s and '60s
* The Museum of eMail
A museum of classic eMails through the ages
* Memo to eBay
An open letter to
* Moving the Ladd Carriage House


* Lowry Sexton's DeWitt Clinton model
An extraordinary scale model of the DeWitt Clinton steam engine and cars
* This is a site mirror
* Crowsbeer Mac
* Crowsbeer Mac Dog
* Crowsbeer Wedge Salad
* Crowsbeer Sweetheart Ham

Old Items

* The Shocking Stories (!)
Classic tales of days (thankfully) gone by...
* The Windows List
Microsoft and Windows in the news
* Digital music and copyright
Digital media in the news
* The Forest Response Program
Acid rain research and the legacy of NAPAP


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