David Clayton-Thomas (Columbia)

Track Listing
Magnificent Sanctuary Band (3:30)
(D. Burnette)
We're All Meat From the Same Bone (1:47)
(G. Zekley/M. Bottier)
Stealin' In The Name of the Lord (2:45)
(P. Kelley)
Dying To Live (4:36)
(E. Winter)
Sing A Song (2:47)
(G. Wright)
She (4:47)
(G. Parsons/C. Etheridge)
Don't Let It Bring You Down (3:40)
(N. Diamond)
Once Burned (3:27)
(T. Rundgren)
North Beach Racetrack (3:05)
(D. Clayton-Thomas)
Caress Me Pretty Music (3:25)
(A. O'Day)


David Clayton-Thomas:  Vocals, Guitar
Mike Deasy:  Guitar ("Magnificent Sanctuary Band," "Sing a Song," "Once Burned.")
David Cohen:  Guitar ("Magnificent Sanctuary Band," "Sing a Song," "Once Burned.")
Steve Cropper: Guitar ("We're All Meat From The Same Bone," "Stealin' In The Name of the Lord," "North Beach Racetrack.")
Paul Cannon:  Guitar ("We're All Meat From The Same Bone," "Stealin' In The Name of the Lord,"   "North Beach Racetrack.")
Hugh McCracken: Guitar ("Dying To Live," "She.")
Sal Ditroia:  Guitar ("Dying To Live," "She.")
Joe Osborn:  Bass ("Sanctuary Band," "Sing a Song," "Once Burned.")
Jim Johnson:  Bass ("We're All Meat," "Stealin'," "North Beach.") Drums ("Dying To Live," "She.")
Jimmy Lewis:  Bass ("Dying To Live," 'She.")
Russ Svakus:  Bass ("Don't Let It Bring You Down."
Andy Munson:  Bass ("Caress Me Pretty Music.")
Larry Knechtel:  Piano ("Sanctuary Band," "Sing a Song," "Once Burned.")
Frank Owens:  Piano  ("Dying To Live," "She.")
Dick Halligan:  Organ  ("We're All Meat," )
J. Spell:  Keyboards ("Stealin'," "North Beach Racetrack.")
Paul Griffin:  Piano ("Caress Me Pretty Music.")
Earl Palmer: Drums  ("Sanctuary Band," "Sing a Song," "Once Burned.")
Richie Simpson:  Drums ("We're All Meat," "Stealin'," "North Beach Racetrack.")
Bobby Colomby:  Drums ("Don't Let It Bring You Down," "Caress Me Pretty Music.") Tambourine "We're All Meat."
King Errisson:  Percussion ("Sanctuary Band," "Sing a Song," "Once Burned.")
Ollie Mitchell:  Piccolo Trumpet ("Sanctuary Band.") Fluegelhorn  ("Once Burned."
Johnny Rialto:  Piccolo Trumpet ("Sanctuary Band.")
Bill Watrous:  Trombone ("Don't Let It Bring You Down."
Garnett Brown:  Trombone ("Don't Let It Bring You Down.")
Paul Saulise:  Trombone ("Don't Let It Bring You Down.")
Dave Bargeron:  Trombone ("Don't Let It Bring You Down.")
Joe Farrell:  Alto Sax ("Caress Me Pretty Music.")
Jimmy Guiffre: Tenor Sax ("Caress Me Pretty Music.")
Lou Delgato:   Tenor Sax ("Caress Me Pretty Music.")
Ronnie Cuber:  Baritone Sax ("Caress Me Pretty Music.")
French Horns:  Jimmy Buffinton, Earl Chapin, Dick Berg, Brooks Tillotson
Flutes:  Don Hammond, Ray Beckenstein, Romeo Penque, Wally Kane
Srings:  July Held Strings, Sid Sharp Strings
Backgrounds Vocals:  Clydie King, Vanetta Fields, Melissa Mackay, Patrice Holloway, Marilyn Jackson, Adrienne Albert, June Magruder, Marlene Verplank

Producers:  Bobby Colomby and Joel Still
Engineers:  Bill Schnee, Mike Figlio, Fred Blaut, Jim Green.

Chart History:
     Released in 1972 (Columbia KC 31000).  Two singles were released, "Sing a Song," and "Magnificent Sanctuary Band."  They didn't seem to chart.  The Album was re-released in 2002 on Edsel records as a 2-Albums on 1-CD with the 2nd Clayton-Thomas solo album, Tequila Sunrise.  It can be purchased by clicking HERE.

Jeremiah Rickert Writes:
     I've had this on vinyl for some time, and I think it's an all right album.  "Magnificent Sanctuary Band," is the standout tune.  The style of music is definitely Bluesy, but some of the songs are uptempo and peppy.  The huge amount of musicians involved makes me think this may have been a struggle to get on tape.

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