My BS&T Collection

I began collecting BS&T stuff in 1994, here's my collection.


David Clayton Thomas (early solo album on Decca Records)
Child is Father to the Man
Blood, Sweat, and Tears
BS&T 3
Owl & The Pussycat (Movie Soundtrack by BS&T)
BS&T 4
BS&T 5 (Bootleg Concert from 1972)
David Clayton Thomas (Solo)
New Blood
No Sweat
Mirror Image
New City
More Than Ever
Brand New Day
Clayton (DCT Solo)
More Than Ever
Nuclear Blues (With Poster)
Nuclear Blues (Gatefold, Gold Vinyl)


Child Is Father To The Man
Early Hits (Live from the 80s)
Greatest Hits


Child is Father to the Man (Sony MasterSound Gold Disc)
Blood, Sweat, and Tears
BS&T 3

BS&T 4 (Japan Import, Autographed by David Clayton-Thomas,  Bobby Colomby, Steve Katz, and Don Heckman))
New Blood (Japan Import)
Greatest Hits
Found Treasures
The Collection (French Import)
Live 1980 (Rhino Records)
Hip Pickles (German Video&Audio 2-CD set)
What Goes Up! (2-CD)


3+ Hours of Concert Footage from 1969-1986 and Interviews culled from
        TV appearances and archival footage, click here for a complete list of
        The dates and contents fo the footage.
Concert Poster from 1996
Keyboard Magazine with Al Kooper.  Click Here To Read
Down Beat Magazine with Steve Katz  Click Here To Read

My Jazz and Horn-Rock Collection

One Fine Morning (LP)
One Fine Morning (CD with bonus tracks)
Sunny Days (LP)
One Fine Light (2LP)
Can You Feel It (LP)
Thoughts of Movin' On (LP)

Ides of March
Vehicle (LP)
Vehicle (CD with bonus tracks)
Common Bond (Cassette)

Chase (LP)
Chase (Quadrophonic LP)
Chase (CD)
Ennea (LP)
Pure Music (LP)

Chicago Transit Authority (CD)
Chicago II (2LP)
Chicago II (CD)
Chicago 16 (LP)

Electric Flag/Buddy Miles
A Long Time Comin' (LP)
A Long Time Comin' (CD)
An American Music Band (LP)
Old Glory: The Best of an American Music Band (CD)
Buddy Miles: Them Changes (LP)
Buddy Miles:  We Got To Live Together (LP)
Buddy Miles: Best of Buddy Miles (CD)
Buddy Miles:  Live (LP)
Buddy Miles:  More Miles To Go

Cold Blood:  First Taste of Sin (LP)
Myrth:  Myrth (LP)
Spiral Starecase:  More Today Than Yesterday (LP)
Butterfield Blues Band:  Sometimes I just Feel Like Smilin' (LP)
Stan Kenton:  Back To Chicago (features two BS&T tracks by his big band) (LP)

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