My BS&T Video Clips Collection

Throughout the years, I've collected clips of BS&T in concert and on TV shows, the following is a complete list of what I have.

(The clips are in the order they appear on my tapes, not chronologically)

1970  Live From Swedish Television
Symphony/Sympathy for the Devil (Extended Sax Solo for Lipsius)
Sometimes in Winter
Lucretia MacEvil (DCT scat solo, long trumpet solo for Soloff)
And When I Die
You've Made Me So Very Happy

1969 From the VHS release Woodstock: The Lost Footage
More and More

1973 No Sweat Studio Sessions
Hip Pickles
Song For John (Flute duet, Marini and Malone)
Rosemary (earlier version, more piano, no wah-wah pad)

1966?  David Clayton-Thomas and the Shays (From Hullabulloo? New York TV show)
Walk that Walk

1986 Best of Classic Rock with Wolfman Jack
God Bless the Child (Guttman, Rickenberg?, are in the band)

1973 Beat Club, Das Rock Archiv, German TV (some tracks appear on the CD Hip Pickles)
Back Up Against the Wall
Hip Pickles
You've Made Me So Very Happy
Down In The Flood
Inner Crisis
Almost Sorry (That I Left You)
God Bless The Child
Snow Queen

1976? Live on the Midnight Special
You've Made Me So Very Happy
I'll Love You More Than You'll Ever Know

1969 Live at Woodstock, Raw Footage (This is unedited footage)
More and More
Somethin' Comin' On
I'll Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
Spinning Wheel

1972, Midnight Special hosted by John Denver (DCT and the Sanctuary Band)
Yesterday's Music
Nobody Calls Me Prophet

1980s Misc. Interviews/Footage from documentaries
Steve Katz on BS&T's Beginnings
DCT on Buffalo Springfield
DCT and the Shays, "Walk That Walk" with DCT commentary
You've Made Me So Very Happy with DCT commentary

1981 Live from the Little Club
Say You Will (Cool track that sounded like it could have charted in the early to mid 80s had it been released)
You're The One
Reggae Song (Funky Reggae tune)
Piano Solo
Latin Fire
Bass Solo (Dave Pilch is a bass diety...incredible solo!)
Trouble in Mind
Gimmie That Wine
Bari-Sax Solo
(This Concert Surprised me, it really ruled.  I just got the laserdisc for this one, great recording.  The lineup is as follows: David Clayton Thomas, Waybe Pedewater (incredible, incredible bass work) Bobby Economou (Drums), Peter Harris (Guitar) Lou Pomanti (Keys) Mic Gilette (Trumpet, Fleugelhorn, Trombone, he plays great on here, makes the horn section sound a lot fatter than it is.) Vern Dorge (Alto Sax and Flute) and Earl Seymour (Tenor sax and flute).

1973 Live In Stockholm
Almost Sorry
God Bless The Child
Back Up Against The Wall
Hip Pickles
You've Made Me So Very Happy
Down In The Flood
Inner Crisis
Sail Away (Non-Album Track, good ballad)
Empty Pages
Snow Queen
Maiden Voyage
And When I Die
Over The Hill

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