The Great Pyramid - Proof of God


After these somewhat extended introductory remarks our appreciation of the modern science of the Great Pyramid should be quite keen. According to the International Spheroid of Reference adopted in 1524, the polar diameter of the earth is 7,900 miles. This is the finding of modern seience and represents an achievement not possible until recent years. The Pyramid inch, measuring just .0011 more than the English inch - 10,011 equalling 10,000 Pyramid inches - and indicated by the "Boss" on the Granite Leaf in the Ante Chamber, is very definitely stated in the "Book of the Dead" to be exactly 1/500,000,000 (one five hundred millionth) of this diameter. A simple calculation will show that 500,000,000 such inches represent, Within 100 feet, the accepted diameter of 7,900 miles. The Pyramid or English inch is, therefore, both a divine and scientific unit of measure.


In this connection it will be of interest to examine the metric inch. This unit of measure is of atheistic origin, having been introduced by the French sceptics during the Reign of Terror in 1790. Rejecting everything which savoured of the divine, they estimated the length of a quadrant of the earth's circumference along the meridian passing through Paris. This they divided by 10,000,000 and so obtained the unit of measure known as the metre or 89.371 English inches. NOW concerning this product of atheistic scientists, we need not be surprised to learn that it harmonizes quite well with their frightful and tragic administration of French affairs. As a unit of measure it represents an error of 100,000 inches in its estimate of the polar diameter, and memorializes a scientific blunder in ordinary mathematics of one metre in every 5,300. It therefore has really no scientific value whatsoever. Sir John Herschel pronounced it the "newest and worst measure in the world," while another man of science regarded it as "inconvenient, inaccurate and unstridable." For tone thing is it to be commended - it symbolizes the falsity, confusion and spiritual destructiveness of atheism.

Exerpted from "Great Pyramid Proof of God"
by George A. Riffert

Anglo-Saxon Federation of America
Room 601, Fox Building, Detroit Michigan
3rd Edition, January 1935

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