Making the Elgin Grade 455

The Elgin grade 455 watch is a 19 jewel, lever-set, stem-wind, 16 size pocketwatch. This one was made about 1919. It is an especially nice example.

Let's take it apart...

Here we see the setting lever pulled out. This puts the watch in setting mode, so turning the crown sets the time rather than winds.

This watch has Elgin's fancier style of damaskeen on the exposed wheels. Parts with this finish are getting harder to come by. The B. W. Raymond name is visible in the lower part of the photo.

This watch has a regulator design that is a bit unusual for Elgin. There is a spring in on the under side of the balance bridge, and an extra fine control.

It's always nice to see decorative metal finished under bridges where no one but the watchmakers sees it.

This images makes it easy to see the winding/setting arbor and related works from the top side.

This detail shows the setting level pulled out, from the dial side of the lower plate. Almost everything is removed.

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