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* Making the Elgin Grade 20
The H. H. Taylor, 11 jewels, 18 size
* Making 23 jewel Waltham Vanguard
The internals of a high-grade Waltham with an up/down indicator
* Making the Grade 455
The internals of an Elig grade 455, 16 size B. W. Raymond pocket watch
* An 18 size Waltham
The Waltham model 1883 is a 15 jewel, lever-set watch with a full plate design.
* A 16 size Manistee
A Manistee pocket watch movement with some very strange features
* Making the Grade 367
The internals of an Elig grade 367, 18 size "Father Time" pocket watch
* Making the Grade 55
The internals of an Elig grade 55, 18 size pocket watch
* Making the Grade 6
The internals of an Elig grade 6, 18 size pocket watch
* Making the Grade 387
The internals of an Elig grade 387, 16 size pocket watch
* Making the Grade 315
The internals of an Elig grade 315, 12 size pocket watch
* Making the Hamilton 922b
The internals of an Hamilton 922b, 16 size railroad grade pocket watch
* Making the Hampden Diadem
The internals of a Hampden 6 size ladies pocket watch
* The Watch Word
Selections from the Elgin employee publication
* The Elgin Almanac
An Elgin ad from 1873
* Vintage News
Assorted watch related news, articals and items from times gone by
* Image Gallery
Post cards, photos, ads and more
* The Elgin Part Numbers
from 1873
* Tools and Tips
Unusual watchmaking tools, tips, artifacts and other items
* The Elgin Grades 760 and 761 Service Bulletin
Elgin's "forgotten masterpiece"
* Look up Elgin Watch Serial Numbers
Grade, size, jewels, year of manufacture and other information

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