Making the Hamilton 992B

The Hamilton 992B is a classic high-grade "railroad watch". It is an 16 size, lever-set, adjusted, 21 jewel watch with impressive features and finish.

These photos have been left a little on the large size to show more of detail on this fine example.

This watch is factory adjusted for position and temperature. This close up shows the regulator, designed for very small corrections using the long screw passing into the side of the regulator (on the upper right side in this photo).

The front side of this watch shows the excellent condition of the dial. Arabic numerals were one of the typical requirements of railroad grade watches, as was being lever set. Here we see the setting lever extended near the one.

The hands are extra dark and heavy making this Hamilton easy to read.

Here we see the deep red jewels in gold settings. Note the cap jewel on the escape wheel and that the center wheel is jeweled; 21 jewels in all.

The cap jewel on the balance in secured by screws inserted from below. Their tips are visable from here, polished of course.

The roller is also deep ruby red.

The fork bridge is secured with two screws. All the screw heads are nicely polished.

Removing the bridges exposes the train.

The edges of the escape wheel teeth are beveled and polished. Unfortunatly this detail is too small for me to photograph well. The arms of all the wheels are also rounded and finished.

Note the detent screw to the right of the winding mechanism. It's head is polished to a fine finish.

Here's the mainspring, removed from the barel.

This detail shows the winding parts themselves, removed from the movement.

The bare lower plate...

The lever mechanism is removed from the back (dial-side) of the plate. Here the lever is extended again.

Here's the detent screw again, removed completely. In this watch the detent does not hold the stem in place.

And now the setting mechanism of this spectacular watch is disassembled.

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