The Elgin Watch Word

The Watch Word was the Elgin factory employee magazine, published monthly. Here are a few selections.

Know Your Product

* Part 1, The Plate Department
October 1935
* Part 2, The Gilding Department
December 1935
* Part 3, The Train Department
April 1936
* Part 5, The Escape Department
April 1936
* Part 6, The Screw Department
May 1936

Other Features

* The Box of Wonders, Part One
* The Box of Wonders, Part Two
November 1935
* How Scientific Watch Jewels Are made
November 1935
* The Time of Stars is Elgin Guide, Part One
* The Time of Stars is Elgin Guide, Part Two
75th Anniversary Special Issue, 1939
* The Elgin Watchmakers College's 20th Anniversary
November 1940

Complete Issues

* April, 1924

* Elgin watches restored, cleaned and serviced
Regarding the care and cleaning of pocketwatches
* Elgin watch mini-FAQ
Frequently asked questions
* Watches are offered for sale here at
Buy directly, without an auction.
Contact Jeff Sexton, at, for information on other watches that may be available.

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