Hi, my name is Geoff Burling, & this is my home page.

Right now it's not very interesting because I don't have a scanner, & lack the composition skills to enliven my text. So entertaining, albeit bandwidth-eating background graphics, exciting formatting tricks, pictures of my house or work cubicle that I think are cooler than an ice cube down your back on a summer's day (but you may think are lamer than a soggy string of spaghetti), & photos of women I wish I could lick every inch of (but if I posted their photos, all of you perverts would crash this site from your constant demands on its ftp daemon) will not soon be in the offing. Sorry. But life sucks sometimes.

Note: If you came here looking for help with VxD problems, I'm sorry but I have removed the information I used to have here. What information I had here was old (based on research done in 1995) & it led to people asking me all sorts of programming questions I was not qualified to answer. All I can say is try the next hit on Altavista -- it might just be the one you're looking for.

If you have read this far, you must be curious about me, despite my best intentions. I can offer you a totally fabricated biography, or a far more believeable one. Or you can read about my pet peeves. (Me? In a snit about anything?) Or you can go to a site I like. Or to a site I don't like. It's your life. Do as you will. I don't care.


Obligatory plug for Netscape. This home page works with that browser. (It better. I used versions 1.1 & 1.2 to write this.) Write to them & tell them that you heard about their company here. Buy stock in them if you want. Just be sure to mention me, & I will share with you half of my finder's fee from them.


Obligatory statement of coding Standards. HTML standards are still in flux - perhaps even more now than before. My attempt on this web site is to achieve a balance between standards that are, for example, defined by RFC 1866 & the Sandia Lab's HTML Reference Manual on one hand, & the extensions or features offered by browsers such as Netscape's, in order to make what I have done here visible to as many readers as possible. The reason I strive for a balance is simple: although the Netscape browser is used by the overwhelming majority of web readers, they should not dictate the standards thru the bullying tactics practiced by other software manufacturers, but offer options that the marketplace will decide on. Otherwise, they will just create a new monopoly.


Obligatory bashing of Microsoft. Complaints that MS Explorer-specific elements are not supported on this page will be forwarded to the bit-bucket. If you wish to help Bill ``The Businessman" Gates tighten his hold on the computer industry with software that encourages lazy programming habits, then it will be without my help.
NOTE: I am aware that Microsoft is not the only company to have practiced the tactics I mentioned above.

No Construction

Obligatory mention of incompleteness. What is it with all of these people who have to say ``this page is under construction"? Some even make cute jokes about the fact. If you were to serve someone raw beef, unpeeled potatos, & carrots pulled from the garden, would you tell people ``Sorry, but this is a meal under construction"? Yes, I will revise this page to keep it up to date. Yes, I reserve the right to make minor or major changes in the future. But if you are reading this, I consider this finished. Of course you can write to me & make fun of my mistakes. Maybe I'll even fix them.

This page last revised 24 Jan 1998.