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Deep Content

One of the strengths of the Internet is the in-depth information that it makes available on practically any topic. Whatever you desire -- a tutorial in vector math or rhetoric, a guide to animal tracks, a dictionary of prison slang -- is available for free, thanks to people who made public their deep knowledge of a topic dear to them. With each unique contribution, the Internet's value increases. Through the efforts of one, all benefit.

Therefore, if you have deep knowledge of a topic, offer it to the public.

Here are two examples of deep content:

  • Mark Rosenfelder's Language Construction Kit, which describes in detail how to create a realistic language from scratch

  • Bill Choisser's Face Blind!, an online book about a rare neurological condition that prevents people from recognizing faces

Deep content will draw a wide range of people to your site. Some of them might in turn give you fresh insight into your subject.

Often, you can turn your expertise into a Gift To The Community.

Deep content is a good candidate for being made into a Downloadable Weblet.

Deep Content complements Diverse Content.

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