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Diverse Content

The Web renders the adage "you draw more flies with honey than with vinegar" irrelevant. Because publishing on the Web costs so little, we can try to draw flies with both honey and vinegar, as well as with chicken soup, petroleum jelly, an Australian shiraz viognier, or all of these at once. Unlike flies, it's hard to predict what will appeal to visitors. If one type of content doesn't tickle a visitor's fancy, another might.

Therefore, provide a variety of content on your site.

If you need ideas for how to increase your site's diversity, simply look around. If you see something that intrigues you, why not do it yourself? F.A.Q.s, collaboration, galleries, blogs, essays, games: the choice is yours. Be creative!

Constantly adding a variety of new things to your site creates a Living Site.

Diverse Content complements Deep Content.

Last updated 8 July 2003
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