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Reward Visitors

Reward Visitors has been removed from this collection of patterns. It was cut because it doesn't fit the definition of a pattern, which is a solution to a problem in a context. This page will not be updated, but it will be preserved.

Consider your Web site as a place which people choose to visit, like a party or a museum. Visitors are guests you invite into that place. As a good host, you should consider your guests; what can you offer them to ensure that they enjoy their stay?

From this perspective, a Web site is like a potlatch, wherein the most honor is accrued by those who give the most away.

Therefore, reward visitors by offering them a site that has unique content and is easy to use.

For content, offer Diverse Content, Deep Content, or better still both. (A Gift to the Community is highly esteemed in this regard.) You can also reward visitors by designing your site to Reward Exploration and Reward Return Visitors.

You can make your site easy to use in these ways:

Finally, make your site distinctive by writing it in Your Own Voice.

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