The Big 'Little GTO' Book

The Big 'Little GTO' Book is all about the fabulous Pontiac GTO, from the stunning '64 to The Judge to the last model in 1974. This complete illustrated story spotlights GTO performance, options, accessories, the neat stuff under the hood and all the stylish design changes. And this exciting book comes equipped with over 150 great photos.  
The GTO's birth was a gutsy affront to a GM mandate against whomping motors in svelte bodies. Some big-wigs thought the GTO would fail. Ahh, but what did they know. It went like gangbusters, It sold like crazy. It inspired popular hit songs and became more than just a hot, influential automobile; this was "the machine that symbolized the car culture of the sixties." Frequently imitated, the GTO was godfather to the whole muscle car scene. But loyal enthusiasts by the thousands know there is only one GreaT One; this is the great book about the GTO.  
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  Soft bound, 8 1/2" x 11", 184 pages, 150 plus photographs, published by Motorbooks International. Signed copy...$17.95 !OUT OF PRINT!

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