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Albert Drake

is one of the leading Hot Rod historians. His books span from the birth of hot rodding at the dry lakes in California to the muscle cars of the 60's. His favorite era is the fabulous 50's, a time when he lived the hot rodding life.

All the books included in the Flat Out Press Catalog reflect thousands of hours of research, yet are highly readable and enjoyable on a personal level. Check out some of the sample chapters included in these pages.
  Portland Pictorial
Over 200 rare photos from the 1950s.
  Street Was Fun in '51
The first book on historical hot rodding
  Flat Out
California Dry Lake Trials 1930-1950.
  Fifties Flashback
The hot rod decade remembered by one who lived it.
  Hot Rodder
From Lakes to Street, the first history of hot rodding, from the 1920s to the 1990s.
  Herding Goats An oral history of the Pontiac GTO
The story of the Goat straight from people who built it and drove it.
  A 1950s Rod & Custom Builder's Dream Book
Jammed with reprints of ads from 1948-1959

Beyond the Pavement
An adult novel about hot rodding and changing times.

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