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Welcome to the 1962 Mercury Meteor Page

The purpose of this page is to help anyone with one of these cars to locate parts and info, and for anyone who is just interested.

In the summer of 1993 I became the owner of a 1962 Mercury Meteor 2 door sedan which had been hit on the passenger side, in addition to having all the usual little problems of any older car. Since then, I have struggled to find parts, which aren't all that easy to find. Fortunatly, many of the mechanical parts are the same as many other Ford models, and aren't quite as hard to come by as the body parts. After gaining some interest in the internet, someone suggested to me that I try to locate parts over the net, which I tried, only to find nothing out there. After about a week, I decided that instead of waiting for the information I was looking for to just suddenly appear, I was going to work towards getting it, and so I made this page. Things have changed a bit since then, a search on ebay usualy turns up something for the Meteor, and reproduction and aftermarket parts for Fairlanes and Comets are available making many Meteor items available. Still, I want this page to be a compilation of all the information and resources I have found over the years.

update (5/31/11): Of course with any good intentioned project, the reality is that I don't have nearly as much time as I would like to invest in keeping things updated. I'll add more here and there as time allows.

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About this page:

This page was created by Dan Olson and is no way related to Ford Motor Company, but is intended simply as a sorce of information about the Mercury Meteor car line. I also would like to thank Steve Havelka and Alex Schumann for helping me learn html and for some ideas for making this page.

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