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Larry Marder’s Beanworld: Book Two
Squarebound trade paperback *
104 black & white pages with 4-color covers
Story and art: Larry Marder
Second printing * First Beanworld Press printing

Mr. Spook, Professor Garbanzo and Beanish have
returned for more all-out
Beanworld action and adventure!

      All four self-contained stories in this trade paperback feature the enigmatic Mystery Pods. Professor Garbanzo has invented a new Float Force technology but Mr. Spook thinks that her experimentation is extremely dangerous to the health and welfare of the Beans and should be terminated immediately. The sparks fly as Beanworld's hero and toolmaker butt heads over this controversy. It comes to a head when the Boom'r Band accidentally invents a highly addictive and dangerous form of music called The Clang Twang!

      The trade paperback includes a convenient map, glossary, and basic Beanworld primer that concisely explains all the Beanworld places, characters and concepts. Also included is a new introduction by Larry Marder explaining how he created the characters and stories introduced in the book.

      Out of print since 1992, this revised edition of the second Beanworld trade paperback reprints four stories originally printed in 1986-87. It was this group of stories that was nominated as best black & white series for the 1987 Jack Kirby awards. The stories in the book are the foundation of the Beanworld mythology and contain insights into themes as diverse as the inner nature of super heroes, Native American mythology, TV advertising and the origins of Culture and Art. Highly recommeded for fans of all ages.

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The Beans Are Back!

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