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If you're not a traditional comic book fan, the question you're probably asking yourself right now is "What's an ashcan?". Let me reassure you; it's not a synonym for "dust bin".

An ashcan is a preview of an upcoming comic. Some are very close to the published version, differing perhaps only in size. Others might just be the rough pencils of a story in progress. Each is different. A common trait, at least among the Beanworld ashcans, is that they're in a smaller format than the final version.

To date, I've run across five Beanworld ashcans. There were also two "Goofy Service Doodle Books" which I haven't seen. Here are the ashcans that I have seen, arranged in order of publication:

Beanworld Zero | Hungry? | While We Were Eating!
The Worst of Heyoka | Professor Garbanzo's Joy Ride

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