Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

The Beanworld Glossary

Artist & creator of the Fabulous Look·See·Show.

Sleeping Bean

The totality of everything.

Bone Zone
Strata of Hoi-Polloi skulls beneath the Four Realities.

Boom'r Band
Beanworld musicians.

A dark stony substance. The Beans eat it and the Hoi-Polloi use it for money.

The act of consuming food.

Chowdown Pool
Giant tub used by the Beans as a communal feeding place.

Chow Sol'jer Army
They steal Chow from the Hoi-Polloi. Mr. Spook is the leader of the army's two divisions: The Spear Fling'n Flank'rs and The Chow Pluk'rs.

Clang Twang
Perilous music made from Mystery Pods. It makes the Beans weak.

Der Stinkle
The cold, dark world directly beneath the Hoi-Polloi's floor. It was formerly inhabited by bugs.

Beanish's secret friend and muse.

The elusive notworm

Elusive Notworm
Mr. Spook's companion and dance partner, formerly a segment of his trusty Fork.

Goof-Off Day
A day when no Sprout-Butt falls from Gran'Ma'Pa. The Beans are free to do what they want on these days.

Goofy Jerks
Reproductive Propellant maintenance and delivery service.

All-purpose adhesive.

Float Factor
When Twinks get near Mystery Pods, both objects transform into a new entity that floats in the air.

The Four Realities
(Slats, Hoops, Twinks and Chips) Easily obtainable raw materials for Beanworld industry. For example, a Chip and a Slat can be gunk'l'dunked together to make a spear.

Happy Hoi Polloi

Hoi-Polloi Ring Herd
Greedy, gambling folk. The only creatures with the ability to process Sprout-Butts into Chow. General adversaries to the Beans.

The Legendary Edge
Departure point for trips to the Four Realities and below.

Mr. Spook
Heroic leader of the Chow Sol'jer Army.

Mystery Pods
Powerful objects of unknown origin. Used in the Float Factor.

What Mr. Spook's Fork was made of. Also used in composition of Goofy Jerks. Also known as Tu'ba'lu Squib'r'ish.

Home of the baby Beans. [Also denotes a class of worlds in the Big·Big·Picture.]

Pod'l'pool Cuties
The baby Beans.

Professor Garbanzo
Thinker & toolmaker.

Proverbial Sandy Beach
Re-entry point from trips to the Four Realities and below.

Reproductive Propellant
Substance produced by an influence that allows its world to increase its population. Also known as blessing stuff. See "Mr. Teach'm's Influence and World Tour" in issue 19 for more information.

Worried Beanish

Secret Sketch
Circular Float Factor device that mysteriously transports Beanish to Dreamishness for daily midday visits.

Service Stations
Home bases for the Goofy Service Jerks. Where reproductive propellant factories [influences] are located.

Vocal off-shoot of Gran'Ma'Pa. Only the Hoi-Polloi possess the skill to turn Sprout-Butts into Chow.

Thin Lake
Fresh water covering the Four Realities.

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