BS&T Band Members Interviews!

I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview a number of BS&T members, past and present.  Here is the first bunch.  There will be more to come.  I've been in contact with four more former BS&T members, so watch this space!

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Bobby Colomby  By Jeremiah Rickert
Founding Member, played Drums from 1968-1977,
Producer and Record Exec.

David Clayton-Thomas  By Jeremiah Rickert
Lead Vocalist 1968-72, 74-Present.  Still Fronting BS&T.

Jim Fielder   by David Callow
Bassist, 1967-1973 Founding Member

Steve Guttman  By Jeremiah Rickert
2nd Trumpet/Musical Director 1985-Present

Ron McClure  By Jeremiah Rickert
Bassist, 1974-1976
Solo Artist and Professor of music, NYU.

Georg Wadenius By David Callow
Guitars/Vocals 1972-1976
Three-Time Emmy Award Winner

Tony Klatka  By Jeremiah Rickert COMING SOON!
Trupmet/Arranger 1974-1978

More to Follow Soon!

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