Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

While We Were Eating!

[Victorious Mr. Spook]

While We Were Eating! is a black and white "postview" of the story that was serialized in the comic anthology Asylum.

Publication date: 1996


After a successful chow raid, the beans are soaking in the chowdown pool. While they're enjoying the hard-earned pleasure, a large stranger shows up.

The visitor warns the beans that the Beanworld faces perils they aren't prepared for. It quickly becomes clear that the visitor is issuing veiled threats. It demonstrates its power, and challenges Mr. Spook. Mr. Spook accepts the challenge and a fight ensues. To the stranger's surprise, Mr. Spook and the Chow Sol'jer Army do it serious damage.

The thing flees, leaving behind some pieces. Professor Garbanzo suggests that they take the remains to her Fix-It Shop. Someday they may become part of a new invention.


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