Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld


[ashcan cover]

Hungry? is an ashcan which has parts from the upcoming graphic novel Float Force.

Publication date: 1995


The first section is fully drawn. It's a refresher with Professor Garbanzo, the elusive notworm, and the baby beans. Proffy demonstrates spear-making, and the elusive notworm plays a game with the cuties.

[Rough sketch] In the second part, rough sketches on left-hand pages face the completed versions on the right-hand pages. The story brings back the Big Fish. While looking for food, it runs into the upside-down and backward bean Heyoka, who is on her way back to the Beanworld. After an initial misunderstanding, Big Fish realizes who Heyoka is, and doesn't eat her, even though Heyoka asks to be.

The last three pages are rough sketches from near the end of Float Force. Beanish and a member of the Boom'r Band are boom'n up a storm. It affects two baby beans in a very surprising way!

The last page is Professor Garbanzo pondering the meaning of her Fix-It Shop.


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