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Professor Garbanzo's Joy Ride

[ashcan cover]

Professor Garbanzo's Joy Ride is a 16 page ashcan which previews parts of the upcoming graphic novel Float Force.

Publication date: 1999


The story begins with Mr. Spook recounting the legend of Pop! Pop! Pop! to the young beans. As he's doing so, Professor Garbanzo is delivering an order of spears to the Spear Fling'n Flankers. One of the spears goes wide of the mark and punches its way through the roof of Proffy's Fix-It Shop. Mr. Spook pulls it out, but ruins it in the process. When he tosses it aside, it accidentally hits one of Proffy's old Float Factor experiments. The result surprises everyone: the Float Factor energizes the krink'led spear, causing it to float off across the landscape, with the Beans in pursuit. Eventually its float force runs out and it descends to the ground.

Proffy is amazed. She gets the far-away expression that means she's inventing. In moments she's manufactured a new spear and reproduced the earlier accident. This time, though, she climbs onto the spear as it gets its float force charge. With some help from the elusive notworm, she takes a ride above the Beanworld.

And, as the story says, "nothing was the same again."

The last two pages show two baby beans experimenting with the float force.


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