Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

The Worst of Heyoka

[ashcan cover]

The Worst of Heyoka is a compilation of drawings from Larry Marder’s "gnu-wave quirkzine dedicated to the spirit of ernie bushmiller".

Publication date: 1983, 1997


Synopsis? That would mean this ashcan had a story to tell. Instead, we have a 16-page grab-bag of offbeat, free-association drawings. In them we find the weirder side of Larry Marder’s personality: puns, drawings inspired by the business world, sentient eyeballs, and a few beans. There are cameos by Uncle Xaspa and, of course, Heyoka.

The introduction explains the origin of this strange little 'zine. The story showcases the doing-it-because-it-makes-me-happy spirit of 'zines. For example:

I didn't sell Heyoka. I gave it away for free. I'd hand a copy to someone as they passed me on the street, like a nut or a politician handing out propaganda.

Now that's art.


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