Elgin Part Number Codes

The Elgin National Watch Company used a set of codes to designate types of watch parts as a component of its spare parts inventory and ordering system. These are not the same numbers that appear in the Elgin Genuine Material books, but these number do appear on reorder envelopes and on parts packages. For some reason, lists of these numbers are hard to come by. So, to aid the watchmaking community and hobbyists, here they are...

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Notes: This list came to me as a set of hand typed pages on Elgin letterhead. I have reproduced them here as they appear on these pages. Some numbers are listed with an empty description, some numbers are skipped, and some parts descriptions occur with more than one number.

Elgin Part Number Codes

B3Coil Complete
1Arbor, Barrel
1AArbor, Barrel - Open Type
1BArbor, Barrel, Alarm
2Arbor, Pallet
3Arbor, Winding
3AArbor, Male #3
3BArbor, Winding, Male #1
3CArbor, Winding, Male #2
3DArbor, Female #3
3EArbor, Winding, Female #1
3FArbor, Winding, Female #2
3GArbor, Winding, Male
3HArbor, Winding, Female
3JArbor, Alarm
3LArbor, Winding, Male
3MArbor, Winding, Male
3NArbor, Winding, Female
3SArbor, Setting
4Balance Wheel Only, Solid
4ABalance Wheel Only, Cut Type
5Balance Complete
6Barrel and Cover
6ABarrel W/Brake Spring
6BBarrel Drum
7Barrel Complete
8Bridges, Barrel
8ABridges, Barrel, Unfinished
8BBridges, Combined BB and TB
8CBridges, Barrel Alarm
9Bridge, Balance Cock
9ABridge, Balance Cock, Unfinished
9BBridge, Index Wheel
10Bridge, Lower Plate
10ABridges, Complete, for Automatic Device
10BPipe, Center
11Bridge, Lower, for Autimatic Device
11ABridge, Lower, for Autimatic Device W/Jewel
12Bridge, Pallet
13Bridge, Sweep Second
14Bridge, Train
14ABridge, Intermediate Center
14BBridge, Escape
14CBridge, Train, Unfinished
15Bridge, Upper, for Automatic Device
15ABolt, Upper Frame
15BBridge, Upper, for Automatic Device W/Jewel
16Bushing, Upper Center
16ABushing, Barrel Arbor
17Bushing, Lower Center
17ABushing, Lower Minute Wheel Pinion
18Clamp, Adjusting Beat
18AClamp, Casing
19Clamp, Endstone, Lower Balance, W/Jewel
20Clamp, Endstone, Lower Balance, and Lower Pallet W/Jewel
21Clamp, Endstone, Lower Balance, and Lower Escape W/Jewel
22Clamp, Endstone, Lower Escape, W/Jewel
23Clamp, Endstone, Upper Regulation Gear Wheel
24Clamp, Endstone, Upper, Escape and 4th W/Jewel
25Clamp, Endstone, Lower, Third
26Clamp, Endstone, Upper Balance, W/Jewel
27Cover, Ratchet Wheel
30Clamp, Endstone Assembly, Upper Escape W/Jewel
31Clamp, Endstone Assembly, 3rd and 4th Wheel W/Jewel
32Clamp, Endstone and Jewel Assembly, Lower Forth
33Clamp, Endstone Assembly, Upper Escape, 3rd and 4th, W/Jewel
34Clamp, Endstone Assembly, Lower Pallet, W/Jewel
35Clamp, Endstone Assembly, Upper Pallet, W/Jewel
36Clamp, Endstone Assembly, Lower Escape and Pallet, W/Jewel
37Clamp, Idler Ratchet Wheel
38Clamp, Jewel and Setting, Sweep Upper
39Clamp, Jewel and Setting, Sweep Lower
40Clamp, Minute Wheel
41Clamp, Retainer Roter
41AClamp and Case Screw
42AClick Stop
42BClick Stop W/Spring
42CClick Alarm
43Click, Complete
44Clutch, Winding and Setting
45Cock, Oscillating Wieght
45ACore, Axle & Rachet Wheel Mounted
45BConnector Battery
45CConnector Battery
46Collet Holding, Actuated Cam Pawl Stud
46ACollet, Hairspring
47Dial, Hour
48Dial, Minute Complete
49Dome, Cock, With Jewel
50Dome Cock, Complete Assembly
50AFrame, Lower, W/Spring (Antichoc)
50BFrame, Upper, W/Spring (Antichoc)
50CFrame, Lower, Balance
50DFrame, Upper, Balance
50EHolder, Unlocking Wheel
50FHammer, Alarm
51Hands, Hour and Minute
51AHands, Second
51BHands, Sweep-Second
51CIndicator, Hour (For Case Cat. 7510)
51DIndicator, Hour (For Case Cat. 7516)
51EIndicator, Hour (For Case Cat. 7520)

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