Elgin Part Number Codes

The Elgin National Watch Company used a set of codes to designate types of watch parts as a component of its spare parts inventory and ordering system. These are not the same numbers that appear in the Elgin Genuine Material books, but these number do appear on reorder envelopes and on parts packages. For some reason, lists of these numbers are hard to come by. So, to aid the watchmaking community and hobbyists, here they are...

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Elgin Part Number Codes

267Setting, Brass, Balance KIF Upper
268Setting, Brass, Balance KIF Lower
269Setting, Escape, Lower (KIF)
270Stud, Act. Cam Pawl
271Setting, Cam Pawl, Actuating (Banking)
271AStud, Setting Wheel
272Washer, Click
273Washer, Dial
274Washer, Case Screw
275Washer, Bevel Pinion
276Washer, Main Wheel
276AWasher, Main Wheel, Core
277Washer, Winder Sector
277AWasher, Contact Regulator
277BWasher, Contact Wire Holder
277CWasher, Pole
278Weight, Sector Impulse
278AWeight, Oscillating
279Weight, Timing (Standard)
279AWeight, Timing (Light)
279BWeight, Timing (Heavy)
280Wheel, Carrier (Rachet & Stud Assembly)
281Wheel, Center & Pinion Complete
281AWheel, Center & Pinion Complete For Rotating Disc Watch
281BWheel, Center & Pinion, Drilled
282AWheel, Driver Hand
283Wheel, Escape & Pinion, Complete
284Wheel, Forth & Pinion, Complete
284AWheel, Forth & Pinion Complete, For Rotating Hour Disc Watch
285Wheel, Hour (Flat Dial)
285AWheel, Hour (Curved or Spherical Dial
285BWheel, Hour for Sweep Second (Flat Dial)
285CWheel, Hour (For Curved or Sperical, Reg. Dial or Flat Nite-Glo)
285DWheel, Hour (For Curved or Spherical Nite-Glo)
285EWheel, Hour (Flat Dial) for Rotatin Hour Disc Watch
285FWheel, Hour (For Flat Nite-Glo)
285GWheel, Hour, Sweep Second
286AWheel & Bushing Idler Ratchet
287Wheel, Inter-Setting
287AWheel, Intersetting Alarm
288Wheel, Main
288AWheel, Main
288BWheel, Main Lever Alarm
289Wheel, Minute
290Wheel, Rachet
291Wheel, Setting
291AWheel, Setting Reverser, No Jewel
292Wheel, Setting Reverser, W/Jewel
293Wheel, Sweep Second
293AWheel, Sweep Second & Pinion
293BWheel, Sweep Second & Pinion
294Wheel, Sweep Second Assem. Complete
295Wheel, Third & Pinion Complete
295AWheel, Third, Assembly Complete
295BWheel, Third & Pinion, Double
296Wheel, Winding Complete (1st Automatic)
296AWheel, Wind-up Jewelled
297Wheel, Winding Complete (2nd Automatic)
298AWheel & Bushing, Winding & Setting
299Wheel, Intermediate
299AWheel, Indicator Driving
299BWheel, Intermediate Date
300Wheel, Third, Upper, Driving
301Wheel, Winding & Sett. Wheel
302Wheel, Friction (S.S. Pinion)
304Gaskets, Case
307Bushing, Upper & Lower Winding Sector
308Bushing, Sweep Second Pinion
309Plate, Cock Center
310Plate, Cock, Winding, Upper
311Plate, Cock, Winding, Lower
312Bridge Center, Plate Assembly
313Bar, Pendant
314Spring, Pendent
315Bar & Spring
316Date Jumper
317Date Jumper Guard
317ADate Indicator Guard
318Framework, Automatic Device
319Wheel, Reduction, Gear
320Wheel, Driving, Ratchet over Gear
321Wheel, Bear. Osc. Weight
322Bolt, Holding Reduction Gear
322ABolt, Alarm
323Bolt, Holding Pawl Winding Wheel
324Rocker, Main Wheel
324ARocker, Set & Wind. Alarm
325Wheel & Pinion Transmission
326Axle, Osc. Weight
327Lid, Stop Click
327ALid, Bolt, Alarm
328Wheel, Lower Rachet
328AWheel, Lower Rachet, Alarm
328BWheel, Upper Rachet
329Wheel, Index Complete
330Wheel, Unlocking
331Wheel, Alarm
400Material, TImer
500Material, Clock

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