Elgin Part Number Codes

The Elgin National Watch Company used a set of codes to designate types of watch parts as a component of its spare parts inventory and ordering system. These are not the same numbers that appear in the Elgin Genuine Material books, but these number do appear on reorder envelopes and on parts packages. For some reason, lists of these numbers are hard to come by. So, to aid the watchmaking community and hobbyists, here they are...

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Elgin Part Number Codes

196Screw, Jewel Clamp, Sweep Second Lower
197Screw, Jewel and Setting Clamp, Sweep Second Upper
198Screw, Barrel Bridge, Train Bridge Balance Cock
198AScrew, Barrel Bridge & Escape Bridge (Short)
198BScrew, Barrel Bridge & Balance Bridge (Long)
198CScrew, Balance Bridge
199Screw, Train Bridge and Sweep Cock
199AScrew, Train Bridge
200Screw, Pallet, Bridge
201Screw, Sweep Second Bridge
202Screw, Clamp, Minute Wheel
203Screw, Clamp Retainer Rotor
204Screw, Clamp, Idler Ratchet Wheel
205Screw, Click
206Screw, Endstone Clamp, Upper 4th
206AScrew, Endstone Clamp, Upper Reduction Wheel
207Screw, Endstone Clamp Lower Third
208Screw, Setting Lever Spring
209Screw, Bridge, Automatic Device Upper and Lower
210Screw, Case
210AScrew, Case Special (Clamp and Screw)
210BScrew, Crown
211Screw, Dial Foot
211AScrew, Dial Foot Key
211BScrew, Disconnector
212Screw, Cock Dome
212AScrew, Cock Dome
212BScrew, Cock Dome
213Screw, Cock, Center
214Screw, Cock, Winding
215Screw, Cock, Winding, Lower
215AScrew, Cock, Index
216Screw, Hairspring Stud
217Screw, Holding
218Screw, Jewel, Lower Balance
219Screw, Jewel, Lower Escape, Lower Pallet
220Screw, Jewel, Upper Escape
221Screw, Jewel Upper and Lower Escape
222Screw, Pawl, Winding
223Screw, Main
224Screw, Plate Bridge Center
225Screw, Plate, Rocker
226Screw, Plate Piller
226AScrew, Pole
227Screw, Setting Lever
227AScrew, Setting Lever
227BScrew, Set Lever, Alarm
228Screw, Rachet Wheel
228AScrew, Rachet Wheel, Upper Alarm
229Screw, Regulator Adjusting
230Screw, Regulator
231Screw, Spring Buffer
232Screw, Sprint Pawl
233Screw, Sweep Second Pinion Cock
234Screw, Sweep Second Spring
234AScrew, Breg. Automatic Spring
235Screw, Sweep Second Spring, Adjusting
236Screw, Spring Balance Stop
236AScrew, Lever Balance Stop
237Screw, Spring, Setting Arbor
237AScrew, Setting Wheel
238Screw, Clutch Lever Spring
238AScrew, for Spring Sett. Conn. Wheel Alarm
239Screw, Driving Wheel
240Screw, Washer, Winding Sector
241Screw, Weight, Impulse Sector
242Sector, Impulse Complete
243Sector, Weight, Impuse Sector
244Sector, Winding Complete
245Sector, Winding
246Spring, Balance Stop
247Spring, Buffer
248Spring, Cam Pawl, Complete
249Spring, Click
249ASpring, Stop Click
249BSpring, Click, Alarm
250Spring, Clutch Lever
251Spring, Friction
251ASpring, Bolt, Alarm
252Spring, Setting
252ASpring, Setting Lever
252BSpring, Setting, Arbor
252CSpring, Rocker S & W Alarm
252DSpring, Wheel Sett. Conn. Alarm
252ESpring, Sett. Lever, Alarm
253Spring, Hair, Str. 2 Elginium for Cut Balance
254Spring, Hair
255Spring, Holding
255ASpring, Brake
256Spring, Lever Setting & Stud Assembly
257Spring, Housing for Balance Upper and Lower
258Spring, Main
259Spring, Pawl, Holding
260Spring, Pawl, Winding
261Spring, Regulator
262Spring, Sweep Second
262ASpring, Breg. Auto.
263Spring, Hour Wheel
263ASpring, Date Jumper
263BSpring, Crown Wheel
263CSpring, Date Indecator Drivind Wheel
264Staff, Balance
264AStaff, Balance, for Cut Balance
265Stud, Hairspring
266Staff, Center

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