Elgin Part Number Codes

The Elgin National Watch Company used a set of codes to designate types of watch parts as a component of its spare parts inventory and ordering system. These are not the same numbers that appear in the Elgin Genuine Material books, but these number do appear on reorder envelopes and on parts packages. For some reason, lists of these numbers are hard to come by. So, to aid the watchmaking community and hobbyists, here they are...

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Elgin Part Number Codes

51FIndicator, Date
51GIntersetting, Balance Upper
51HHolder, Deflecting Jewel Assembly
51JInsulator, Battery Connector
52Jewel Hole, Upper and Lower Balance (Unset)
53Jewel Hole, Upper and Lower Balance (Set)
53AJewelled, Setting and Spring Assembly (antichoc)
54Jewel, Upper Balance, Housing Complete
55Jewel Lower Balance, Housing Complete
56Jewel, Hole & Endstone Escape Lower Assembly (KIF)
60Jewel, Endstone, Upper Balance (Unset)
61Jewel, Endstone, Upper Balance (Set)
62Jewel, Endstone, Upper Balance, 10s, Upper-16s Lower (Unset)
63Jewel, Endstone, Lower Balance (Unset)
64Jewel, Endstone, Lower Balance (Set)
65Jewel, Endstone, Upper and Lower Balance (Unset)
66Jewel, Hole and Endstone, Upper Balance, Complete Assembly
67Jewel, Hole and Endstone, Lower Balance, Complete Assembly
68Jewel, Hole, Upper Center (Unset)
69Jewel, Hole, Upper Center (Set)
70Jewel, Hole, Lower Center (Unset)
71Jewel, Hole, Lower Center (Set)
72Jewel, Hole, Upper and Lower Center (Unset)
73Jewel, Center Cock, Sweep Second (Unset)
74Jewel, Hole, Center Upper for 4th In Train Bridge (Unset)
75Jewel, Center Lower Also Center Cock Lower (Unset)
76Jewel, Bushing, S.S. Lower and Center Upper (Set)
77Jewel, Hole, Escape Upper (Unset)
78Jewel, Hole, Escape Upper (Set)
79Jewel, Hole, Escape Lower (Unset)
80Jewel, Hole, Escape Lower (Set)
81Jewel, Hole, Escape Lower, Pallet Upper and Lower (Set)
82Jewel, Hole, Escape Lower, Pallet Upper and Lower (Unset)
83Jewel, Hole, Escape Lower, Pallet Lower (Set)
84Jewel, Endstone Upper Escape (Unset)
85Jewel, Endstone Upper Escape (Set)
86Jewel, Hole, Intermediate Upper (Unset)
87Jewel, Hole, Intermediate Lower (Unset)
88Jewel, Hole, Reverse Setting Wheels (Unset)
90Jewel, Endstone, Lower Escape (Unset)
91Jewel, Endstone, Lower Escape (Set)
92Jewel, Endstone, Upper and Lower Escape (Unset)
93Jewel, Hole, Upper Forth and Upper Third (Set)
94Jewel, Hole, Upper Forth and Upper Third (Unset)
95Jewel, Endstone Lower Forth (Unset)
96Jewel, Hole, Lower Forth Lower Third (Unset)
97Jewel, Hole, Lower Forth Lower Third (Set)
98Jewel, Endstone, Lower Third and Forth (Unset)
98Jewel, Endstone, Lower Third and Forth (Set)
99Jewel, Endstone, Upper Third and Forth Escape (Unset)
100Jewel, Hole, Upper Forth (Unset)
101Jewel, Hole, Upper Forth (Set)
102Jewel, Hole, Forth Lower (Unset)
103Jewel, Hole, Lower Forth (Set)
104Jewel, Hole, Forth Upper and Lower (Unset)
105Jewel, Hole, Third Upper (Unset)
106Jewel, Hole, Third Upper (Set)
107Jewel, Hole, Third Lower (Unset)
108Jewel, Hole, Third Lower (Set)
109Jewel, Hole, Forth Lower and Third Upper (Unset)
110Jewel, Hole, Third Upper and Lower (Unset)
111Jewel, Hole, Forth and Third Upper and Lower (Unset)
112Jewel, Hole, Pallet, Upper and Lower (Unset)
113Jewel, Hole, Pallet, Upper and Lower (Set)
114Jewel, Hole, Pallet, Upper (Unset)
115Jewel, Hole, Pallet, Upper (Set)
116Jewel, Hole, 1st & 2nd Winding Automatic Upper and Lower
117Jewel, Hole, Winding Wheel Complete, Upper and Lower (Unset)
118Jewel, Hole, Transmission Wheel Upper & Lower (Unset) Also Reduction Wheel
119Jewel, Hole, Rachet-Over, Upper and Lower (Unset)
119AJewel, Hole, Gear Driving Wheel Lower (Unset)
120Jewel, Hole, Pallet Lower (Set)
121Jewel, Hole, Pallet Lower (Unset)
122Jewel, Endstone, Pallet Upper and Lower (Unset)
123Jewel, Endstone, Pallet Upper (Unset)
124Jewel, Endstone, Pallet Upper (Set)
125Jewel, Endstone, Pallet Lower (Unset)

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