Elgin Part Number Codes

The Elgin National Watch Company used a set of codes to designate types of watch parts as a component of its spare parts inventory and ordering system. These are not the same numbers that appear in the Elgin Genuine Material books, but these number do appear on reorder envelopes and on parts packages. For some reason, lists of these numbers are hard to come by. So, to aid the watchmaking community and hobbyists, here they are...

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Elgin Part Number Codes

126Jewel, Endstone, Pallet, Lower (Set)
127Jewel, Hole, Pinion S.S. (Unset)
128Jewel, Hole, Cock Winding Upper and Lower (Unset)
129Jewel, Hole, S.S. Upper (Unset)
130Jewel, Hole, S.S. Lower (Unset)
131Jewel, Hole, Index Wheel (Unset)
131RJewel, R Pallet Stone
131LJewel, L Pallet Stone
132Jewel, Pin, Actuated Cam Pawl
133Jewel, Pin, or Roller Jewel
133AJewel, Pin, Contact
133BJewel, Pin, Deflecting
133CJewel, Pin, Indexing
134Jewel, Pin, Minute Wheel Post
135Jewel, Hole, Minute Post Bearing
136Lever, Balance Stop and Spring
137Lever, Clutch
138Lever, Setting
138ALever, Setting, Alarm
139Lever, Setting-Winding Arbor Locating
140Nut, Regulator
141Pallet, Fork and Arbor
142Pawl, Cam
143Pawl, Holding
144Pawl, Winding
144APawl, Winding Wheel & Pinion
144BPawl, Winding Wheel W/O Pinion
145Pinion, Bevel
145APinion, Bevel, Alarm
147Pinion, Automatic Winding
150Pinion, Cannon
151Pinion, Cannon for Curved Dial
152Pinion, Cannon for Curved or Spherical Reg. or Flat Nite-Glo
153Pinion, Cannon for Flat or Curved Nite-Glo
154Pinion, Cannon for Spherical Reg.
155Pinion, Cannon for Flat Dial Rotating Hour Disc
156Pinion, Cannon for Sweep Second
156APinion, Cannon for Sweep Second
157Pinion, Cannon for Actuationg Cam
157APinion, Cannon W/Driving Wheel
158Pinion, Roter Idler
158APinion, Wig Wag
159Pinion, Sweep Second
160Pin, Banking
160APin, Hairspring
160BPin, Minute
161Plate, Balance Banking
162Plate, Buffer Spring
163Plate, Rocker Assembly Complete
163APlate, Bearing Sweep Second
163BPlate Reverser
164Plate, Bearing W/Jewel
165Ratchet, Winding and Pinion
166BRegulator, Contact
167Retainer, Holds Upper Jewel Assembly in Cock
168Retainer, Dial
168ARivot, Click
169Roller, One Piece, Double With Pin
169ARoller, Collet Assembly
170Roller, Table W/Jewel
171Roller, Safety
172Rotor, Complete
173Screw, Balance
174Screw, Balance, Gold
175Screw, Timing
176Screw, Framework to Wieght
176AScrew, Bearing Wheel
176BScrew, Date Jumper Guard
176CScrew, Framework (Short)
176EScrew, Date Indicator Guard
176FScrew, Intermediate Date Wheel
177Screw, Axle, Oscillating Weight Cock
177AScrew, Oscillating Weight Cock
177BScrew, Bearing Plate
178Screw, Contact, Holder
178AScrew, Contact, Regulator
178BScrew, Contact, Wire Post
178AScrew, Contact, Regulator
180Screw, Timing, Gold
181Screw, Banking
181AScrew, Balance Meantime, Gold
182Screw, Balance Banking Plate
183Screw, Clamp, Beat Adjustment
183AScrew, Casing Clamp
184Screw, Endstone Clamp, Lower Balance
184AScrew, Endstone Clamp, Upper Balance
185Screw, Endstone Clamp, Balance, Escape and Pallet Lower
186Screw, Endstone Clamp, Upper 4th and Escape Upper
187Screw, Endstone Clamp, Upper Escape
188Screw, Endstone Clamp, Lower Escape
189Screw, Endstone Clamp, Lower Escape and Pallet
190Screw, Endstone Clamp, Escape Upper and Lower
191Screw, Endstone Clamp, 3rd and 4th Upper
192Screw, Endstone Clamp, Upper 3rd and 4th and Escape
193Screw, Endstone Clamp, Upper Pallet
194Screw, Endstone Clamp, Upper Escape and Lower Forth
195Screw, Endstone Clamp, Pallet Lower

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