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Heyoka is an enigma. She first appeared in a one-page strip in Giant Sized Mini Comics #1, although there was no explicit connection then between her and the Beanworld. Her first appearance in Tales of the Beanworld was in issue 19, Upsidedown and Backwards. Before that she had been a Spear Fling'n Flank'r in the Chow Sol'jer Army before she broke out. The story of her break-out began in issue 17, The Mystery Pods Must Go!, with her acting strangely. Finally she became a new bean.

As soon as she broke out, with some help from Gran'Ma'Pa, she floated away and left the Beanworld. She passed upward through the Inspiration Constellation, which gave her advice on the way through.

We still aren't sure exactly what Heyoka is; historian, philosopher, and clown are all possibilities (or some mixture of all three). She does everything backwards: ask her if she's Heyoka, and she'll answer "no". In her own words,

"I don't think - therefore - I ain't! Oops, I didn't mean to say that...".

Whatever she is becoming, she isn't quite there yet. The last we saw, in issue 19, she was up in the Beanworld's service station, seeking (or not seeking) Aunt Petunia, to (not) learn what she doesn't know. Her presence there startled the station's Goofy Service Jerks, and also Mr. Teach'm, who was there explaining the service station to a few unknown folks (who looked suspiciously like some familiar comic characters).

The story of Heyoka is far from over.



Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld