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The Float Factor

the Float Factor

The Float Factor is the result of the interaction of Mystery Pods and Twinks.

How to create the Float Factor

When Twinks are in the proximity of a Mystery Pod, a metamorphosis occurs. Both objects are transformed into something new and potent. How high they float is determined by the number of Twinks and the size and weight of the Mystery Pod. The placement of the Twinks around the Mystery Pod is a factor also.

Twink/Mystery Pod interactions

Although it was Beanish who discovered the Float Factor (in issue 4), completely by accident, it is Professor Garbanzo who remains fascinated by it. She is constantly experimenting, finding out new things about it. Her enthusiasm knows no bounds. She is convinced that there is some use for the Float Factor which she hasn't yet found.

Mr. Spook, on the other hand, dislikes anything having to do with the Mystery Pods or the Float Factor.

The Float Factor is what makes up Beanish's Secret Sketch.

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