Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

Issue 1
The Legend of Pop! Pop! Pop!

Flip-flop tool Publication date: 1983


This issue starts with an description of the main occupation of the Beans: a chow raid.

One day, while Mr. Spook is looking through the Four Realities, he peeks in on the Hoi-Polloi. Instead of gambling amongst themselves, they are under attack by little popping critters. Before his eyes they flay the flesh from a dead Hoi-Polloi and tow it to a nearby ship. A strange being proclaims it okay for processing.

Mr. Spook realizes this could be the doom of the Hoi-Polloi. He rushes to the Beanworld. Through tears he relates the tale to Professor Garbanzo. They ask Gran'Ma'Pa for help. Suddenly Gran'Ma'Pa shakes and expels something odd. When Mr. Spook touches it, he changes color and the Chow Sol'jer Army suddenly start attacking him. Proffy sees the potential of this peculiar tool and gives it to a member of the Boom'r Band. The result is the same: the buzzing, color change, and "kill the leader" effect.

Mr. Spook formulates a plan: he will sneak into the ship and use the Flip-Flop tool on the leader. In the meantime, the rest of the Chow Sol'jers will go collect the free-floating chow.

Mr. Spook enters the ship through its waste hatch and ends up on a conveyor belt. On it dead Hoi-Polloi are being processed into canned Mossy Mammoth Luncheon Meats. He confronts the leader, the Mirthful Mossy Mammoth's Little Clone Son. With a lucky throw the Flip-Flop tool ends up on the Little Clone Son's nose. There's a buzz, his color changes, and suddenly the little popping creatures attack! In a moment he's flayed alive. Mr. Spook grabs the Flip-Flop tool and leaves the ship. It curls up and explodes.

The Hoi-Polloi hail the Beans as heroes. They offer as much chow as the Beans want. While the Hoi-Polloi mourn their dead brothers, the Beans load up on chow. Soon there is a mountain of chow by the Chowdown Pool. The Flip-Flop tool is returned to Gran'Ma'Pa. The Chow Sol'jer Army won't need to go on a chow raid for a long time!

The back cover has an image of Mr. Spook and his trusty Fork.

There were no letters in the first issue.


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