Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

Issue 4
Beanish Breaks Out!

Cover of issue 4 Publication date: 1986


A chow raid doesn't go well! A chow sol'jer is caught by a Hoi-Polloi and suffers a case of Krink'l Leg. While Mr. Spook exacts retribution, the injured bean is escorted back to Professor Garbanzo's Fix-It Shop. There he's put in the blanktank to heal, with the help of a Boom'r Bean.

Mr. Spook and Proffy go to the Four Realities in search of raw materials. Proffy expresses her frustration at not having found a use for Twinks.

The injured bean is soon healed. He reports for duty to Mr. Spook, who asks him where the Mystery Pods came from. The bean says he likes to look at them and thinks they're pretty.

Something's odd with this bean. He's not interested in games or going on chow raids. When Proffy questions him, they both wonder if he's on the verge of a Break Out. The only thing he feels like doing is playing with Proffy's failed Twink experiments.

Suddenly he has an inspiration and rearranges some Chips to make a kind of headgear. He announces himself as a new bean and invites everyone to see his creation.

Beanish welcomes Beans to the Look·See·Show Look·See·Show of Hoi-Polloi

The excited beans, thinking a Hoi-Polloi is attacking the new bean, fling their spears. The new bean tells them to stop; what they're attacking is just a picture. They understand and appreciate the Look·See·Show. The bean announces his name: Beanish. He is accepted by the beans, and agrees to produce Look·See·Shows in exchange for food.

One day, while sketching, Beanish discovers that putting Twinks near a Mystery Pod leads to something new: the Float Factor.



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