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This strange-looking substance is Gunk'l'dunk. It's the Beanworld's universal adhesive, that is, glue. You can stick most anything together with this stuff.

Gunk'l'dunk is made from the layer of dissolved chow that builds up on the bottom of the Chowdown pool. It's pickled by the action of a member of the Boom'r Band.

Gunk'l'dunk is used by Beanish and Professor Garbanzo. Beanish uses it to make art (Look·See·Shows and Beanworld Action Effigies), while Proffy uses it to build tools.

Using gunk'l'dunk used to be a problem for Professor Garbanzo, because it dried too quickly and got stuck to her fingers and feet. She solved this problem with the help of the Boom'r Band in issue 7, New and Improved Gunk'l'dunk!.

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