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Beanish is the Beanworld's artist. He uses materials found in the Four Realities to create his Look·See·Shows. His initial artistic experiments led to the discovery of the Float Factor.

Beanish has a secret. Every midday he goes and stands in his Secret Sketch and is transported to a place beyond the Beanworld. There he communicates with his friend Dreamishness. He isn't allowed to talk about this with anyone, although Professor Garbanzo has discovered his trips, and is intensely curious to find out what is happening.

Beanish was the second bean to break out (after the Boom'r Band). Before he became the artist, he was a chow sol'jer. The tale of his break out is found in issue 4, Beanish Breaks Out!.

Besides his unusual look, Beanish is distinguished by being the only bean to have ventured beyond the scope of the Big·Big·Picture. This took place in the crossover story in the Eclipse comic book mini-series Total Eclipse.

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