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The Four Realities

The Four Realities

The Four Realities aren't just a place. They also provide the material for inhabitants of the Beanworld to make things.

Both Beanish and Professor Garbanzo make use of the elements of the Four Realities. Beanish uses them to make his Fabulous Look·See·Shows, while Professor Garbanzo makes tools out of them.

The extent of the Four Realities is unknown.

The story of the Proffy's discovery of the Four Realities is told in issue 21, The First Time Professor Garbanzo Discovered The Four Realities.


Slats make up the highest level of the Four Realities. A slat plus a chip (along with some gunk'l'dunk) make a spear.


Hoops are below slats. They are used to make tools, and have appeared in games such as slapslat.


Twinks are the third level down. For a long time Professor Garbanzo had no idea what they were for, or how they could be used. This continued until one day the Float Factor was discovered (in issue 4, Beanish Breaks Out!).


Chips make up the level closest to the Bone Zone. Chips are used to make spears, and as wedges to break things open.

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