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Tales of the Beanworld

The Boom'r Band

Bangin' a Boom Music came to the Beanworld with the break-out of the Boom'r Band. They're a trio of wild 'n' waxy musicians. Their role in the Beanworld is reasonably clear: they provide music for dancing and recreation.

The Boom'r Band also provides help in making gunk'l'dunk. The story of how this is done, and how this process was improved, is told in issue 6, New and Improved Gunk'l'dunk.

The Boom'r Band had a starring role in issue 6, Yeah, Yeah! The Clang Twang!. It's the story of what happened when the Boom'rs discovered the musical possibilities of the Mystery Pods.

When the Chow Sol'jer Army is off on a chow raid, the Boom'rs spend a lot of time looking after the baby beans.

Right now, you'll just have to imagine the sweet tune coming out of this page. We haven't been able to get a recording of them into this part of the Big·Big·Picture yet.

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