Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

Issue 7
New & Improved Gunk'l'Dunk!

Cover of issue 7 Publication date: 1987


One evening, Mr. Spook notices that the bottom of the Chowdown Pool needs cleaning. The next Goof-Off day, Professor Garbanzo calls the Boom'r Band to a Gunk'l'Dunk gig.

As one of the Boom'rs goes off on the gig, he runs across Beanish and Mr. Spook arguing about Mystery Pods. Beanish wants to use them in a Look·See·Show, but Mr. Spook reminds them of the danger of the Clang Twang. The Boom'r reminds him that the Boom'r band has sworn never to boom that tune again. He continues on to his successful Gunk'l'dunk gig.

Proffy has a problem with Gunk'l'dunk. It sets too quickly and often gets stuck on her fingers. The remedy is painful! She starts thinking about a solution to the problem.

Her thinking leads to the Clang Twang. Perhaps its power to make Beans weak can be adapted to Gunk'l'dunk. She asks the Boom'r Band for help. They discuss it amongst them and agree to try the Clang Twang on the next Gunk'l'dunk gig, on one condition: no one must tell Mr. Spook about it.

The results are strange! The Hoi-Polloi hate the sound, but the unpickled Gunk'l'dunk goes wild. It cures instantly but looks peculiar. Proffy tries it out and it's exactly what she wanted. She almost tells Mr. Spook in her enthusiasm, but the Boom'r Band remind her that the Clang Twang is a secret ingredient.



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