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Tales of the Beanworld


Dreamishness surrounded by bliss Dreamishness, one of whose names is "The Sweet Vision of Daydreaming", is in charge of the midday sky. She is also sister to the Windy Songsterinos. She is Beanish's muse. Every day he visits her by way of his Secret Sketch. The visits are a secret shared between the two.

Dreamishness gives Beanish knowledge, and in return he is helping her to become "something more". What that is exactly, we don't know. He has been able to slow down her progress across the midday sky, prolonging the short, mysterious moment of NOW they share together. He discovered this power in issue 12, Something Growing, Something Slowing. It has something to do with bliss, Beanish thinks. Could it be that the process is someway related to the way Hoi-Polloi turn sprout-butts into chow?

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