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Goofy Jerks

Goofy Service Jerks Goofy Service Jerks are the bringers of Reproductive Propellant to Pod'l Pool worlds. They reside in the service stations in another part of the Big·Big·Picture until they are called on by a local deity. See issues 8 and 11 for more details on how this works.

Once they have delivered their load, Goofy Service Jerks tend to get lost and into all kinds of trouble. The trio above that came to the Beanworld were responsible for the destruction / discorporation of Mr. Spook's fork in issue 11, thus leading to the hero's quest to restore it.

There are other kinds of Goofy Jerks beside the Goofy Service Jerks. So far we've seen Goofy Surgical Jerks, Goofy Survey Jerks, Goofy Surveillance Jerks, and the one and only Goofy Sermon Jerk. Each type of Goofy Jerk has a different role to play. Goofy Survey Jerks, for example, are responsible for quality assurance. The entire delivery service is overseen by the Goofy Sermon Jerk.

Each Goofy Jerk wears a unique hat. There is some evidence that the consciousness of each Goofy Jerk resides in its hat. See Tales of the Goofy Jerks in issue 19.

You might have noticed the resemblance of the Goofy Jerks to Mr. Spook's Fork. They are both made of Tu'ba'lu Squib'r'ish, also known as Notworms. If a Goofy Jerk can catch a Notworm, it can apparently join up with it at will. They consider this a good thing.

Tales of the Goofy Jerks runs in issues 15 through 19 and delves into their roles in the Beanworld.

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