Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

Issue 12
Something Growing. Something Slowing.

Cover of issue 12 Publication date: 1989


Mr. Spook is distraught over the destruction of his Fork in the previous issue. While he and the Chow Sol'jer Army is off on a chow raid, the Boom'r Band, Professor Garbanzo and Beanish admire the Pod'l'pool cuties. While waiting in line, Proffy ponders the events leading up to the destruction of Mr. Spook's Fork.

The Boom'r Band noticed that the Sprout-Butt was boom'n a few sour notes while on its way to the Hoi-Polloi. During Beanish's midday meeting with Dreamishness, she encourages him to think about what he learned on his big adventure.

During the communal soak in the Chowdown pool, everyone ponders their respective problems. Beanish doesn't come to any conclusions, but Proffy reasons that Mr. Spook's Fork could be reassembled if all the pieces were found.

The next day Beanish realizes that instead of an answer, he has a question. During the day's chow raid, Mr. Spook finds a piece of his Fork.

A goof-off day begins. The Chow Sol'jers watch the baby beans while everyone else goes in search of the rest of the missing notworms. After finding another notworm, they find on their return that the cuties have opened their eyes.

Beanish realizes the lesson he's learned from his adventure, and during his daily visit translates it into a dance that holds Dreamishness in place in the sky, extending their moments together.

Meanwhile, Proffy tries to make a Fork substitute with the three notworm segments and gunk'l'dunk. As the beans sleep that night, a flying notworm inspects the new Fork and flies off.



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