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Tales of the Beanworld


Sprout-Butt This is a Sprout-Butt. It is a vocal offshoot of Gran'Ma'Pa.

There are two kinds of days in the Beanworld: goof-off days, in which the Beans can do what they want, and days in which Gran'Ma'Pa produces a Sprout-Butt. The first sign of a Sprout-Butt is a wiggling and swelling in the rightmost part of Gran'Ma'Pa's upper portion. This is then ejected at high speed as a Sprout-Butt. One of Mr. Spook's duties is to catch the Sprout-Butt on the first bounce and take it to the Hoi-Polloi as part of a Chow Raid.

Sprout-Butt and the Elusive Notworm Sprout-Butts can speak, unlike Gran'Ma'Pa. One helped Mr. Spook remember what a Pod'l'pool was. However, they aren't always sweetness and light. If a Sprout-Butt bounces more than once, it gets cranky. The more it bounces, the crankier and more impatient it gets. Mr. Spook's Fork and the Elusive Notworm are the best thing to sweeten a Sprout-Butt's disposition.

Sprout-Butts are a vital part of the Beanworld's ecology.

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