Larry Marder’s
Tales of the Beanworld

Service Station

Goofy Surveillance Jerks in a Service Station

The heart of the Goofy Jerk delivery service is in service stations like this one.

In each service station are a bunch of things called influences. [They're the things in the image that have unique shapes, like people and animals. The Goofy Jerks call them factories.] Each has a connection with a different world in the Big·Big·Picture. When the world wants to increase its population, it sends a signal to the service station. The signal beats on the boomrail, the outer edge of the service station. The correct influence interprets the signal and flips over, releasing reproductive propellant. This is conveyed to the appropriate world by the Goofy Service Jerks.

An influence

Service stations are maintained by the Goofy Jerks.

In this service station, some Goofy Surveillance Jerks are investigating a crime that happened in the Beanworld.

When Heyoka left the Beanworld, she ended up in the service station that contains the Beanworld's influence. There she ran into Mr. Teach'm, who was conducting a tour. The next she did was enter and alter the Beanworld's influence. What that will do, no one knows except Larry Marder!

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